Rolex watches are great to look at

Rolex watches are one the most expensive of all branded watches in the world. It is a kind of status symbol for the rich, and it provides glamour to the person who wears one of those watches. Rolex watches are as status symbols as possessing a Rolls Royce car. There are fakes and replicas being sold everywhere, and the technology of a replica Rolex is advancing so fast that it has become difficult for a normal person to distinguish between the two. It has become very necessary now to have the watch inspected by experienced watchmakers or jewelers to evaluate a genuine Rolex watch.

If you want a worry free purchase of your favorite Rolex watch, you would do better to go to an authorized Rolex dealer, where you are sure to get the original Rolex watch of your choice. Otherwise, if you are not conversant with the uniqueness of the Rolex that you want to purchase, you can consult an experienced watchmaker to inspect the watch that you want to buy. This is essential, for you might be buying a replica instead of an original Rolex watch. With fake and replica Rolex watches filling up the marketplace, there is every possibility of you buying a replica with an understanding that it is an original Rolex.

There are some basic points to note when you are contemplating in buying a Rolex watch. If you can, you could take off the watch bands and notice that, at 12 'O' clock position there is an engraved number in between the lugs. This is the "Registered Design" number of the watch. Then at 6 'O' clock position, at the same place, you would find the serial number of the case-back, engraved on to the watch. In replica Rolex watches these two engravings are completely missing. One more instance that you could look for is the second hand of the watch. In most of the models of a genuine Rolex watch the second hand sweeps the dial in a continuous manner. In replicas, quartz movement is used, and therefore the second hand stops every second before it move on to the next.

It is not that Rolex did not use quartz movement. They had come out with some models way back in 1980's, and changed the design to use continuous movement. However Rolex again made a few models with quartz movement in 2003, and these were the Air King models, which are rare not having much of a good look. These are not manufactured anymore, and therefore, if you find a Rolex watch being sold to you which has quartz movement, it is just a replica. The Rolex Geneve Cellini, supposed to be the classic watches, manufactured in 2007, has hand-wound mechanism for the gent's model, while the lady's version uses quartz movement.

Original Rolex watches do not have any sort of engravings on their case-backs, and this includes logos, hallmarks, or designs. If there should be any engravings you can straight away tell that you are looking at a fake or a replica Rolex watch. Genuine Rolex watches have smooth case-backs, and does not have any sort of markings or engravings, except a hologram sticker when new. There were certain ladies models manufactured prior to 1990's which had "Original Rolex Design “or similar such engravings on the case-backs. Such models are non-existent now, and none of the Rolex watches have any kind of engravings on their case-backs.
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