Rolex watches and its replicas

Rolex is among the most of the brand watches which have replicas, sometimes sold to unknowing people as genuine Rolex watches. The appearance of a replica Rolex watch can only be distinguished from an original one by experienced jewelers or watchmakers, and is very difficult to recognize just by looking at the appearance. The price of Rolex watches start somewhere around $5,000, while replica Rolex watches may even start from $50. Rolex devotes time and money to put as much information in the watches they make to distinguish these from replica Rolex watches, but however, it is a true connoisseur who would be able to detect a genuine Rolex from a replica watch.

Rolex came into operation when Hans Wilsdorf founded the company which came to be known as Rolex between 1908 and 1910. The company at first was known as Wilsdorf & Davies, and was based in London. By the year 1908, the company became one of the leading manufacturers of watches in the United Kingdom, and it was at this time the company came to be known as Rolex. The first model of Rolex, Rolex Oyster, was released in 1926. This is the first model which was claimed to be water-proof, and in 1929 it was worn by swimmer Mercedes Gleitze when he crossed the English Channel. Rolex came out with its Perpetual Rotor model in the year 1931, which was created with the same mechanism that we find in today's self-winding watches.

Replicas of Rolex watches are now available everywhere, starting from street corner shops to the Internet. Like any other high priced watches and high brand accessories, counterfeit Rolex watches are among the most highly sold product in the market today, and many of these replica Rolex watches are bought by people just to provide a false sense of status symbol to their personality. Many are sold as genuine Rolex watches, which are normally not detected by the buyer. These are sold illegally as genuine Rolex watches. These replica fake Rolex watches retail anywhere from $5 to $1,000, in which the high end ones are claimed to be made out of gold.

In order to find out if you are buying a genuine Rolex watch, you could always take the watch to your jeweler to find out if it is genuine. There are a few indications which are only available with genuine Rolex watches, and these are not commonly visible to common eyes. Rolex watches are said to run slow or fast 5 to 7 minutes per month. If you take your Rolex watch to the jeweler for adjustment, he is certain to open the watch to find out if it is not a replica. Only at that point he may take up the adjustment your genuine Rolex watch and charge a nominal fee.

One way to know a genuine watch is that, the gold Rolex is very heavy compared to the exact replicas. The replicas are much lighter, and the golden color often wears off on the lug ends and on the case backs. This exposes the cheap metal below. You should check the Rolex watch band, and also the clasp. In a genuine Rolex watch you will find the clasp beautifully engraved with the original Rolex emblems, which are either missing in replicas or shabbily done.
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