Rolex replica watches swiss

There are several Internet marketplaces where you can purchase your favorite Rolex watch. Several people buy and sell Rolex watches and other branded timepieces on the Internet. However, while buying an expensive item such as a Rolex watch, one should be very careful about the fakes and replicas which are sold as original Rolex. Purchasing Rolex watches from the Internet marketplace or through advertisements in the newspapers is risky unless you know the Rolex model that you are buying and its individual characteristics, which differ from the replicas of the same model.

The crystal on the date window of authentic Rolex watches, which is available on all the Rolex date model watches except Sea-Dweller, will appear to have a glass bubble or a "cyclops" attached to the crystal. This attachment is situated over the date window of the genuine Rolex watch, and it magnifies the date figure by 2.5 times the actual size. The replicas that we know of have date magnification of 1.5 times at the best and no more. This difference is very much visible when you hold a replica and an original Rolex watch side by side. This could also be detected by jewelers or watchmakers who are aware of Rolex characteristics.

Rolex Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Daytona models essentially feature the Triplock crown seal. In these models, Rolex uses an extra seal within the threads of the winding crown's tube. In genuine Rolex the gasket in this assembly features a O-ring type seal, which could be found when the crown is fully unscrewed. Replicas will not have the O-ring, but will be using rubber instead, and an expert in Rolex watches would know that even that rubber ring is not functional, and is merely a cosmetic feature, unlike the O-ring in a genuine Rolex watch.

The second hand in a genuine Rolex watch would sweep the dial, where-as in replicas, the watches would have quartz movements in which the second hand stops and moves. Some of the replica Rolex watches have started to use mechanical movement of the second hand, which lets the second hand glide around the dial. This is something that has been introduced in the replicas, and is one of the rare features that match most of the genuine Rolex watches. However, Rolex did come out with a few models which used quartz movement, but that was in 1980's. This idea was dropped, and you will not find a Rolex watch using quartz movement. This is a good way to differentiate genuine Rolex from its replica.

Rolex replica watches are improving day by day, and it has become very difficult for an ordinary man to determine which one is the original Rolex. The task of detecting the signs of a genuine Rolex watch can be easily be identified by an experienced watchmaker, and it is advisable that either you purchase your Rolex watch from a Rolex dealer after paying the full price, or consult a watchmaker to know if you are not buying a replica being sold as a genuine Rolex. It is easier for a Rolex dealer or a watchmaker to distinguish between a $5,000 Rolex watch and its $50 replica.
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