Original Rolex watches and the replicas

Rolex are amongst the most branded watches that have replicas, which are sold all over, starting from the street corner shops to the Internet. Many buy these Rolex replica knowingly, while there are many who buy them with an understanding that they are genuine Rolex watches. When you are buying a genuine Rolex watch, you should be aware of the tell-tale signs that you want to look for in order to distinguish the original Rolex from the fake replica. While experts like, the jewelers or watchmakers, can easily detect the replicas from the original Rolex watches, the difference between a $5,000 watch and its replica, which costs no more than $50 remains obscure to a normal buyer.

There are few points which clarify the difference between a genuine Rolex watch and its fake or replicas, and these are the absolute features that distinguish the two. Some of them are as below:


One of the easiest ways that you can tell a genuine Rolex watch is by its case-back. You will often find that replica or fake Rolex watches to have a clear or "skeleton" case-back, which allows you to see the inside working of the watch. A genuine Rolex would not have such case-backs. This becomes one of the easier ways to differentiate between a Rolex and a replica or fake watch. In this context it is worth mentioning that Rolex has two models with transparent case-back, and both of these are already vintage manual winding models from the 1930's, and not in production anymore.

Engraved Case-backs:

Replica or fake Rolex watches would often have case-backs engraved with logos, hallmarks, or designs. Original Rolex does not have any engraving on its case-back, and the genuine models would have smooth case-backs without any sort of engraving. Then again there has been a rare variation to this in one of the ladies' models which was made prior to the 1990's. This model had "Original Rolex Design" or a variation of it engraved at the case-back in an arc fashion. The other model was be the original Rolex Sea-Dweller case backs, which had "Rolex original gas escape valve" engraved in an arc around the outside edge of the case-back.

Hologram Stickers:

Genuine Rolex watches carry a hologram when they are packed to be shipped from the factory to different world out-lets. This hologram is encoded with a 3-dimensional code which is stuck on the case-backs of the Rolex watches. The sticker has the typical Rolex trade mark, a "crown", which is situated right above the case reference number of the watch. When the hologram is viewed at different angles, the watch could be easily identified as an original Rolex. Most of the replica or fake Rolex watches which have such stickers are not what holograms should be. Rolex did not have the "crown" featured holograms before, and has started to introduce such holograms around 2002. At this time the hologram sticker was re-designed, and as the hologram changed so did the reference number, changing from gold to black.
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