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Rolex defines royalty; and the iconic crown logo on its watches is just but a sheer representation of the reputation it has built for its name.

Thus no wonder why so many people are coveting for one, whether an elite or a commoner, a Rolex watch is something that everyone should have. Rolex is also known for producing little nifty but useful advancements in wrist watches. Take for instance the integration of the calendar in their watches. In the previous days, the only function of wrist watches is to provide time; however, with the ingenious minds of the people behind Rolex, aside from time, wrist watches should also be able to tell people the day and the date.

Rolex also pioneered in producing specialized watches for people from different walks of life. With the ground-breaking inventions of waterproof watches, like the Sea Dweller or Submariner, divers can now tell the time even they are underwater! (It’s just a bit awkward though that even non-divers wear it with significant pride.)

One specialized timepiece created by Rolex is the Rolex Air King. This luxurious but totally worth it wrist watch is especially made for pilots, hence the name. However, because of its high quality and classic designs, this grand chronometer does not come cheap. But as innovative as they can be, the replica watch industry is now producing a carbon copy of the Air King at a price that any watch lovers can actually afford.

Comparing the Rolex replica to the original one is quite difficult as the difference is hardly noticeable. The replica is so much similar to the original that maybe even a chronometer maven could not immediately distinguish it.

Similar to the original Air King, the replica does not operate on battery as well. It’s a self-winding timepiece that picks up the movement of the wearer. Aside from that, the second hand also stops once the crown is pulled to adjust the time – a feature that also exists with the genuine ones.

A high-end Air King replica also has a genuine sapphire on its dial maintaining its kingly guise; and similar to its original counterpart, the logo on the stem of the watch can also be found at the six o’clock position of the timepiece. Just like any other Rolex replicas, the Air King replica’s case and bracelet are made on solid stainless steel; hence quality is rest assured. Aside from that, the watch and the bracelet are connected through a screw making it classier compared to the poorly made imitations which use pins. The flip lock on the bracelet also has a serial number engraved on it.

Replica manufacturers always make sure that the replicas they produce are almost similar to the original ones. Thus, every detail, especially the minute ones, is carefully crafted. The green hologram sticker of the original Air King can also be found in the replica; that is why determining whether the Air King you are wearing is original or not is rather difficult.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself an Air King Wristwatch Rolexand be the talk of the town as you wear the one of the most coveted regal timepiece.
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