Examining Rolex’s Ability to Always Remain in Style

No matter where you go in the world, save Antarctica, Rolex is going to be a well-known name in any culture. It’s a world brand that has transcended the regularly expected norms of popularity. Never in the history of planet earth has such a trivial piece of fashion been so widely admired. Rolex is a total paradox. It’s easy to see what they’re so popular when you see one of their fine timepieces. But then again, it’s difficult to comprehend how a simple watch, no matter how significant, has captured the hearts and minds of millions over the course of a century. To begin, we can look at how a Rolex watch can positively affect someone’s life for the better. After all, a Rolex is the ultimate status symbol. Rolex is to wristwatches what Rolls-Royce is to automobiles.

If you have a Rolex watch, the odds say you purchased it because of the name. You may have looked through a catalog of Rolex watches and selected the one you liked the best. But you probably would have never thought about searching through the many watches unless Rolex was already an extremely popular brand. People like to keep up with the Jones’; it’s a simple fact of life. And what better way is there to keep up than to one-up their latest Rolex watch purchase? Rolex is a status symbol for men and women alike. Whether you’re wearing a classic Yachtmaster or Submariner, or the new and fresh Air King, a Rolex says to the world, “Here I am.”

In an ironic twist of world economics, Rolex is popular in part due to their overwhelmingly high prices. And as a result of that popularity, the prices continue to rise. It’s all a big loop of supply, demand, and business minds who take full advantage of the Rolex brand’s popularity. If the watches weren’t so desired by so many, then you could buy the exact same watch for a mere fraction of the cost. This simple fact should tell you that purchasing a Rolex may not be in your best interest. If all you’re buying with your money is everyone else’s love and admiration for a watch that they know by proxy, then what is the real point of shelling out thousands?

This is why the replica Rolex industry is just as large as the real Rolex conglomerate. Ordinary people, like the ones who can’t readily afford a Rolex, realize that it’s a waste of money even if they could fork over the big bucks. And so they purchase replica Rolex watches to meet their needs. They’re getting the exact same watch practically. And even more, they’re getting the exact same feeling and admiration of others by wearing their replica Rolex. Nobody can spot the difference in today’s watches. It’s all about what side of the fence you’d rather be on.
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