Buying Your Rolex on a Tight Budget

Okay, don’t assume for a minute that you’ll be able to find a real Rolex on a strict budget. If you’re anything like the rest of Joe and Jenney Q society, you have bills piling up around you. A Rolex isn’t on the forefront of your mind. You have the light bill, cable company, cell phones, medical bills, insurance and car payments, rent and groceries, and the wife’s bingo habit to support. Your budget is stretched so thin that you can see through it. A Rolex is a watch designed for high society. And the Rolex Company wouldn’t have it any other way, believe me. They don’t want you to purchase their watch! If you have a Rolex – Mr. I-work-hard-for-a-living- then it basically defeats the purpose of what a Rolex is. But there is a way that we can get our hands on a Rolex; it’s called a replica. I know, a replica Rolex isn’t technically a Rolex. But when you break it down, it’s even better!

How is a replica Rolex better than an original Rolex? It’s all found in the name. When you buy that hunk of metal that can tell accurate time, you’re not getting a piece of miracle magic that can cure caner. To the contrary, when you purchase a Rolex, all you’re paying for is the Rolex name. No wonder so many people fall head-over-heels in love with the watch! It’s always been told that Rolex was the definitive status symbol. But I say we get back at the overcharging conglomerate and get ourselves a replica Rolex. And it’s not just to spite the money-grubbers over at Rolex; it’s more about having a classic watch that says “Rolex,” only cost thousands less.

What do you get with a Rolex watch? After you get past the name, you’re basically left with a highly attractive watch that’s very durable and long-lasting. But does Rolex have the market cornered in durable and long-lasting materials? Of course they don’t. Many of today’s Rolex replicators use identical methods when manufacturing their Rolex watches. So it stands to reason that by purchasing a Rolex replica for thousands of dollars less than the original, we’re actually the ones making out in the deal. We’re losing nothing and gaining everything. For a few hundred dollars, we have all the mystique and popularity that’s associated with a Rolex – only we get an even bigger thrill knowing that it didn’t break our bank accounts.

Rolex replicas are a dime a dozen, so you still have to find the best available. The best Rolex replicas available are basically carbon copies of the originals. You should be able to find a replica in various traditional Rolex models, including Daytona, Submariner, Yachtmaster, GMT, Oyster Perpetual, Air King, and many more.
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