Brief History of Rolex and the Rise of Imitators

Rolex is a Swiss manufacturer of wristwatches and other accessories that have been popular for many years. Rolex is by far the largest luxury watch brand, and they have long been considered the ultimate status symbol for both men and women. Their estimated annual revenue is over $3-billion-dollarsUS, and Rolex is consistently ranked in the top 100 of recognizable global brands – always tops against other watchmakers. Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England. From that time, Rolex started to impact the world, and their watches have helped shape how we view popularity and status today.

It wasn’t long after Rolex got its start that people started to realize just how timeless their timepieces were. There was an extra bit of quality that came with a Rolex watch. And though no one could put their finger on it, Rolex was just a better all-around watch in terms of mass appeal. Sure, they were built with better parts at the time, and each piece was painstakingly hand crafted. But after Rolex went the way of big business, their watches were made like any other, yet they were still far superior in the eyes of the public. It didn’t take long for Rolex to become the biggest name in watchmakers the world has ever seen. And they haven’t even come close to relinquishing that title yet.

The Rolex replica manufacturers soon followed on the coattails of Rolex’s success. It makes perfect sense in the business world. The common many says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But the business man says imitation is a surefire way to get paid. Either way you slice it, replica Rolex watches weren’t even in the same ballpark with the originals at first. But that didn’t stop people from purchasing them left and right. Since around 1950, it has always been about the name. Nobody really cared about the quality of their watch, and they still don’t. If you gave someone a real Rolex today that didn’t even work, they’d gladly take it and wear it proudly. They would show that Rolex off to everyone in hopes of being recognized as one of the high-status carriers.

Eventually, the replica Rolex watches started to undergo a vital change. No longer were they just cheap imitations thrown together and stamped with a Rolex crown. These replicas were now made of the same material and created the same was as a real Rolex watch. In 2008, a full 103 years removed from the first Rolex watch, the originals can rarely be distinguished from the replicas. But even still, Rolex has nothing to worry about. It was their name that propelled them to fame, and it’s their name that will keep them in business. People want a real Rolex just so other people know they have a real Rolex. The Rolex imitators capitalize on the fact that most cannot tell the difference between the two.
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