A genuine Rolex watch

Rolex watches are one of the most expensive watches in the world. It is worn by people who are considered to be rich. Rolex watches are the status symbol as much as what Rolls Royce car is. It is a brand that has been copied most in the world, and replicas of these watches are being sold in great numbers for those who get the satisfaction of wearing a copy of the most wanted brand of watches. There are also fakes of Rolex being sold from the street corner shops to the Internet marketplace. Replicas are supposed to be the legal version of copies of the genuine watch, and, on the surface, it is difficult to distinguish an original Rolex watch from its replica.

However, Rolex has certain unique marking in its brand of watches which go on to differentiate the real watch from its replicas and fakes. When new Rolex watches are shipped to the dealers around the world, the case-backs of the watches carry a hologram. These stickers feature Rolex trademark, the crown, positioned just above the watch serial number. Further, the hologram has a 3-D code, and when viewed at different light angles, you can observe the changes in colors at the background. This is the way you can identify that the sticker is a true Rolex hologram.

Replicas and fakes have stickers which are not holograms, and there is no effect of color changes while you view it at different light angles. Rolex did not feature its crown logo in the holograms until around 2002. At this time the hologram was re-designed to carry the logo in all its watches.

In most of the replicas of Rolex watches, the second hand on the dial of the watch stops and moves every second. These watches usually use quartz movement, while genuine Rolex watches use continuous movement mechanism. In genuine Rolex watches the second hand sweeps the dial as it moves in a continuous motion.

Rolex used quartz movement in the models manufactured around 1980's, but soon dropped the idea and all Rolex watches at present use continuous movement of the second hand. Geneve Cellini, which is considered amongst the classic Rolex watches, use quartz movement in its ladies version, while the men's versions use hand wound mechanisms.

Rolex Daytona models have mini-registers on their dials. These mini-registers are chronographs, which measure elapsed time in hours, minutes, and seconds, functioning as "stop-watches". The larger second hand on the main dial of the watch is a part of this chronograph, and is used to measure the elapsed seconds. One of the smaller hands in the mini-registers functions as the second hand of the watch itself. As for replicas, these mini-registers are positioned more inwardly and are smaller than a genuine Daytona Rolex watch. More-over it does not have the same function as the genuine one. In case of a genuine Rolex watch, these mini-registers are positioned more outwardly.

If you are contemplating in buying a brand new Rolex watch, you should buy it from a Rolex dealer, where you can be sure of getting a genuine Rolex against the full price of the model. If you should buy a second hand Rolex watch, you ought to know the tell-tale signs of a genuine watch. Otherwise you may be buying a replica instead of an original Rolex. You may also take the watch to your local Rolex dealer, or an experienced watchmaker to have it inspected for fakes and replicas.
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